RMG Wealth Management

RMG FX Strategy Managed Account

  • The traders all have over 30 years' investment & trading experience and view the current conditions as an opportunity to shift assets in to macro diversifiers.

  • The Trading style is simple and transparent using only long optionality and cash to reflect investment themes and trades.
  • Trading via options in falling volatility environments is always challenging. A pick up in volatility changes that outlook and risk return profile.
  • Previous mandates have a good track record in a low volatility environment showing the discretionary skills of the traders and macro strategists.

  • The low risk FX Strategy mandate delivered returns of 4.4% per annum compound over the 5 years ending November 2017.

  • Risk adjusted returns have been strong and with low correlation to other assets and managers.

  • We seek managed account mandates from market professionals, and encourage dialogue.
  • We have complete transparency and will adhere to risk profiles that suit clients.

You can view a presentation of the strategy here RMG FX Strategy Managed Account - May 18